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Unity is the goal, and the desire.

There is nothing wrong with doing the right thing

My name is Samuel, a musician.

As a musician, I possess a gift of great power, the ability to form, not only songs and melodies, but thoughts and actions as well. I realize that with any gift, especially the gift of life, it must be utilized with a sense of responsiblity and duty. As a christian, i know it is my obligation.
Can you help? Yes you can, donate today to this non-profit musical cause.
What is the mission?
It is evident that the foundation of our coming years is the youth of today. As times continue to deteriorate, it must be a notion that peace and social stability is beneficial to all, no matter the race, belief, affiliation or orientation. It is the advancement of peace, therefore, that is the goal of this music, so that, even if people disagree in philosophy and understanding, the universal truth is that it is better to disagree in peace than to self-destruct. Music has been used to create great profits for so many years. It can also be used to rebuilt communities, families and maybe even hearts.
    Spiritual Lyrical - Positive Christian Music